Canadian regulators launch new application process for internationally educated nurses
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August 26, 2015, Toronto (CNW) - The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS) announced the official launch of a new, streamlined process ... Read More

Newcomers and contract employment
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Contract or temporary employment is becoming increasingly popular with both staff and employers in Canada. To know more about contract employment ... Read More

Remaining Citizenship Act reforms coming into force
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June 5, 2015, Ottawa (CIC) — A final suite of reforms to strengthen and modernize Canada's citizenship laws will be fully ... Read More

Canadian government announces more help for new Canadians to get into job market faster
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April 13, 2015, Ottawa (ESDC) –Minister of Employment and Social Development Pierre Poilievre released a report outlining new and better ways ... Read More

How to make your cover letter effective
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Cover letters do not just support your resume, they offer you a first chance to impress a potential employer. Your cover ... Read More

Career Pathways

Career Pathways for Canadian ImmigrantsCareer Pathways is a 6-step guide that helps you understand how to become certified to work as a skilled professional in Canada; all the skills upgrading and job searching strategies that you need to succeed in the Canadian workplace. It offers resources about major employers and best locations for your profession. It even shows – through success stories – how other immigrants before you have walked on the path to professional success in Canada.

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Know Before You Go

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7 Success Secrets

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    Like most immigrants, Nick Noorani faced many personal and professional challenges after immigrating to Canada. But he soon learned from the many immigrant success stories and started living the dream. Today, Nick is sharing these secrets about succeeding in Canada … Continue reading

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Small Business

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Choosing A City

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