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Connecting With Newcomers

  If you’re a marketer in Canada looking to increase market share you need a newcomer business development strategy. The economic power of newcomers is expected to grow by a whopping 12% next year to an estimated $70 billion dollars and is driven by; Record...

Merry Christmas. No seriously, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Growing up in Bombay, Christmas was a special occasion. I remember getting all excited to see Santa Claus at the Bombay Gymkhana. Given the lack of reindeer in Bombay and India in general, Rudolph was replaced by an aging camel, which I still find hilarious given the...
A Bright Future in British Columbia is Waiting

A Bright Future in British Columbia is Waiting

Are you about to immigrate to Canada? Have you received your immigration visa, or at least been approved for permanent residency? Are you interested in working in the British Columbia construction industry and related professions? Bright future waiting If you answered...