Introducing your child’s class to your cultural traditions

I remember being asked to create a family tree when I was in elementary school. It was a fun exercise for a child—hearing about older relatives you may never have met. It wasn’t until we presented our family trees and I heard about the histories of my classmates’ families that I began to feel cheated that so many of my relatives had been born in Canada — everyone else’s family felt so much more exciting than mine! Continue reading

First year in Canada, first day at school

Newcomer schoolchildrenPreparing your child for the Canadian classroom

In Canada, September is synonymous with back to school. Though it’s technically still summer, this month is all about back-to-school shopping, getting ready and adjusting to a new school year. Parents become heavily invested in this yearly tradition, updating wardrobes, preparing school meals and snacks, shifting work schedules and setting up before- and afterschool care. Continue reading