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Choosing a City

Video: Rather than settling in one of Canada's bigger cities, CIIP client Edward David and his family decided on a small, rural community. He explains what convinced him to do it and why he's loving smaller towns where fresh air (and job opportunities!) are plentiful.

When you first immigrated to Canada, you probably chose your city or town of destination based on several factors:

  • You might have already had family or friends in that city.
  • You had visited the city before and liked it.
  • You had done your research and believed it was the right choice for you based on what the city had to offer in amenities, employment and climate.

But Canada is a large and diverse country, with many different provinces and municipalities that could make your Canadian experience vastly different depending on where you are located. If you haven’t settled in permanently yet, have you thought about exploring what other municipalities have to offer you, both in and outside your chosen province?