The pros and cons of buying an older home in Canada (Video)

If you are looking for a house with lots of character and uniqueness, you may want to consider buying an older home.

Owning an older home would have many benefits, such as a very unique façade, and lush and full landscaping. The interior of the house could have as well features, such as high ceilings, fireplaces, hardwood floors and slanted glass that you really can’t find in newer homes. Continue reading

Why you need to have a home inspection when making a purchase (Video)


When you have decided to purchase a particular house, it is very important for you to have a home inspection conducted, so that you understand what you are getting into. It is something that helps you understand whether it’s the dream that you think it is or a potential nightmare. This is usually done before making an offer as offers are mostly subject to inspection.  Continue reading