Remaining Citizenship Act reforms coming into force

June 5, 2015, Ottawa (CIC) — A final suite of reforms to strengthen and modernize Canada’s citizenship laws will be fully in force as of June 11, 2015. The changes – part of a package of measures approved by Parliament last year – ensure new citizens can fully and quickly participate in Canada’s economy and Canadian society. Continue reading

Canada welcomes first permanent residents under Express Entry

April 10, 2015, Toronto (CIC) — Changes to Canada’s economic immigration system are proving successful in selecting people needed in Canada’s economy and giving them permanent resident status quickly. Just three months after the launch of Express Entry, Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander welcomed three of the first Express Entry candidates to become Canadian permanent residents—Emma Hughes, Yaoyao (Anita) Zheng and Xin (Frank) Zhao. Continue reading

Why Express Entry makes sense for immigrants, employers and Canada!

New occupations list for the FSWP

Ten years ago, if you were a fifty year old bio chemist with a PhD, twenty years’ experience in large corporations in your home country but had below average English or French language skills, you could apply to get into Canada as an immigrant and many such hopefuls did. However a few months after arriving in Canada, you quickly found out that it was hard to get a job because of the language and age barriers. Continue reading

Getting Ready to Launch Express Entry

In-demand immigrants’ applications will be processed in six months or less

Ottawa, December 1, 2014 (CIC) — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander confirmed it’s one month and counting until Express Entry launches a new phase of active immigration recruitment to meet economic and labour market needs. Potential candidates can create their profile on January 1st, 2015, with the first Invitations to apply issued within weeks. Continue reading

Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science to help foreign trained lab professionals find meaningful employment

November 18, 2014, Hamilton (CNW) – The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) has completed research aimed at helping foreign trained medical lab professionals find meaningful employment in cases where successfully attaining a license to practice in Canada is unlikely or will be a very lengthy process. The result of this research is a new website,, which provides information on alternate or interim careers that make use of the foreign trained professionals’ skills and abilities.  Continue reading