Newcomers and contract employment

Contract or temporary employment is becoming increasingly popular with both staff and employers in Canada.

To know more about contract employment and its benefits to newcomers to the country, we interviewed Paula Calderon, Talent Management Solutions at Drake International.

What is contract employment?

Contract employment is a set term agreement between and employer and a candidate. In some cases these contracts are not managed directly by the employer but they can be outsourced to a third party that will hold the contract Continue reading

How to accelerate your job search with LinkedIn

LinkedIn looks a lot like a cocktail party – a place where you go in and greet people. When being invited to a cocktail party, most probably the first thing you would think about is to know the best way to make the best first impression: who else is going to be there; how can you get the right people at the party so that you can accomplish your goal. Continue reading

What you should never do during the interview

Job interviewDuring a job interview, there are many ways you can present yourself as the perfect candidate to a hiring manager by emphasizing your career accomplishments and achievements, sharing your knowledge about the business or industry, and aligning yourself with corporate values. There are also many ways to prove that you’re not the perfect candidate for the job. Continue reading

Tips for answering behavioral interview questions

Job interviewA new trend that employers are using more frequently as part of their hiring criteria is the behavioral interview. Whereas traditional interviews focus on questions regarding strengths, weaknesses and reasons for leaving current employment, the behavioral interview focuses on a candidate’s performance in particular situations. Continue reading

10 tips for having a successful phone interview

Phone interviewPhone interviews are increasingly becoming the first step in screening job candidates. Considering that employers may screen as many as 100 candidates during phone interviews, it’s important to know that the purpose of the phone call may be to eliminate you as a potential candidate in order to create a more manageable shortlist.  Continue reading

Get the most out of LinkedIn with these 10 tips

How to communicate on LinkedInOne of the most popular social media sites, LinkedIn has become the Facebook for business professionals seeking to expand their network. While at time it seems like only large scale businesses or recruiters use LinkedIn, the site offers a variety of options for small and medium-sized businesses to connect with existing customers and attract new ones. Continue reading

Top 10 tips for immigrant job seekers

  1. DO NOT use unprofessional email accounts like [email protected] or [email protected]. Get an account that is just your name and nothing more. If your name is taken, be creative. Continue reading