Doctor finds welcome at IAF

IAF - Doctor finds welcome at IAFElena Kumar was just making ends meet as her husband, Amit, completed his residency in South Africa. The couple immigrated to Edmonton in 2009 and survived on Elena’s income as a clinical aid at a Medicentre. Then Elena had an opportunity to write a critical professional exam, which required that she reduce her work hours in order to study Continue reading

Finding opportunities in Canada

IAF - Finding opportunities in CanadaAbraham Ogidan arrived in Canada in March 2012 from Nigeria, along with his wife and son. They came to Canada because they saw an opportunity for a new beginning in a country that celebrated multiculturalism and presents everyone with the opportunity to grow and excel. Continue reading

Yashod Bhardwaj: “Informational interviews are the best strategy”

“Do not think that what you’ve done in the past won’t come handy in Canada,” says Yashod Bhardwaj, Corporate Development Analyst working with a leading Fortune 500 engineering and construction company in Calgary. “It definitely comes handy. And if you have been a hardworking person and you have spent a lot of time on your academics, don’t get discouraged by the fact that here people ask for Canadian education and experience. Continue reading

Jaya Dharan: “Don’t give up on your dreams! And be flexible”

Jaya Dharan“I was so confident in my abilities and I had such a strong resume that I never doubted I would quickly get a job in Canada,” says Jaya Dharan, program coordinator at one of Calgary’s immigrant employment services organizations. “So the fact that when I started applying and didn’t even get a phone call was surprising. Continue reading

Volunteering changed this nurse’s life

As Canada offers some of the best English courses in the world, in 2005 Akiko Kobayashi came to Toronto to improve her language skills. She planned to study for half a year and then to go back to Japan and pursue her career. Having a Bachelor degree in nursing from Tokai University, Kobayashi worked at a university hospital in Tokyo. Little did she know that 8550 km from Tokyo, in Toronto, she would meet her husband, a Japanese Canadian, and that Canada would become her new home. Continue reading

‘If you like your field, don’t give up’, says engineer Paul Frasie

Paul-Frasie.photo_-266x300“In my life I’ve learned not to have big expectations in the beginning,” says Paul Frasie, a designer engineer from Romania. “Because I don’t want to be disappointed later. So the only thing I thought about on my way to Canada was that since you leave everything in your country [when you emigrate], you have to somehow succeed in the new place. If you come to Canada and in six months return to your country, you will have nothing left – just frustration.” Continue reading

“The hard moments have provided me with experience” – Elza Minnullina

By Lucy Slavianska

“I never put myself lower than a Canadian person,” says Elza Minnullina, who came from Tatarstan, Russia, in 2007 and is now financial advisor at one of the leading Canadian banks. “I have confidence and employers feel it. So when I go to an interview, they hire me – because they are looking for strong and confident candidates.” Continue reading