Staying healthy after immigrating

Staying healthy after immigratingSeveral recent Canadian university studies have documented something called the “immigrant health effect.” This theory suggests that immigrants’ health deteriorates after coming to Canada. They face increased risk for heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and even mental health issues such as depression.

There are several factors causing this from the stress of immigrating to barriers to health care to a lack of information on things like fast food.

Without your health, nothing else matters, so it’s important to stay strong, both physically and mentally, by choosing the right nutrition, exercising and more.

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  1. Are there any changes in immigration rules for obtaining the Canadian Citizen. How long should I wait to get the Canadian Citizen. For your information I entered Canada on 09 May, 2014 and left Canada inbetween . So also how many days I require to keep my P.R. Card valid or in force so that I can leave and re-enter any time. What is period I have to stay in Canada.
    Please provide me all the information as soon as possible.

    Yours faithfully,


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