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Transferring Finances and Valuables

Transferring Finances and Valuables

Checklist 3: Transferring finances One of the first things you should consider when packing up to come to Canada is how to transfer your cash and your other investments. Here are 6 options to consider. 1. Talk to your banker in your country of origin for advice. 2....

Crime and safety

Q: My wallet was recently stolen with all my identification cards inside. I’ve only been in B.C. about a year and I’m quite worried because I have heard about identity fraud being a serious problem. I’ve contacted the police but what other steps should I take? A: It...

Driving in Canada

Q: I have a driver’s licence from Hong Kong, but I’m wondering how it works to get a licence here in Canada? A: Your foreign driver’s licence may be valid for only three to six months after you arrive in Canada. So it is wise to get an international driver’s license...