Immigrants and the rear view mirror!

And no, this article is NOT about driving at all. Let me explain.

Many of us come from positions much senior to what we are doing in Canada. We were Senior Managers, some even Vice Presidents and Directors earning a great income and the lifestyle that goes with that income. And the initial years in Canada can mean stepping down several rungs not only in our titles but also our earnings.   Continue reading

Loans for immigrants

For the past four years, we at Prepare for Canada have been speaking to immigrants preparing them by providing them information on Canada. One of the most asked questions is “are there loans that one could get to upgrade skills or get further education?” And the answer is ‘Yes!’ Continue reading

Yes Sir, yes Madam! NONO!

At a recent conference, I was seated next to an HR manager who after a few hours of sitting together turned to me and said “I have an unusual situation with an immigrant hire and was hoping you could give me some inputs.” She went on to say that the person in question had been promoted to a Manager position, but had some ‘communication challenges’. Continue reading

Watch out for scammers!

Scam keyboard key

Summer is here and with it brings so many newcomers to Canada! I recently had the opportunity to connect with someone who had attended our Know Before You Go! Webinar. After a couple of months in Canada and he called me and said he wished he had done all that we advised him to do! It is something I hear all the time and frankly, there’s not much that we can do but give you all this information. Continue reading

What’s bigger than Canada?

As the year draws to a close a million things run through my mind.

First, our colleague and the guy who manages all our online programming and advertising Ryan D’Souza and his charming wife Gitanjali became Canadian Citizens. Ryan and Gitanjali attended a 7 Success Secrets Seminar four years ago and we got chatting. I met them both one evening at a restaurant to chat. And then I met Ryan twice, the last time with my business partner David Frattini. After the meeting we offered Ryan a job! He was so surprised he didn’t know what to say and we always laugh about the most unusual interview he has ever had! Continue reading

Canadian government takes action to help newcomers get jobs in their field faster

October 24, 2014, Vancouver, British Columbia – Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development and Minister for Multiculturalism, announced the creation of the Panel on Employment Challenges of New Canadians as part of the Government of Canada’s action plan to improve foreign credential recognition for internationally trained professionals. Continue reading

Taking a risk & moving out from my comfort zone

Nasim’s story takes guts and is worth a read! So many times I tell immigrants to move out of their comfort zone and Nasim did this with aplomb! It takes guts to walk up to someone at a bar and strike up a conversation, but that is exactly what we immigrants need to do! Here’s her story – it is a bit long but is a must read! Continue reading