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Contract or temporary employment is becoming increasingly popular with both staff and employers in Canada.

To know more about contract employment and its benefits to newcomers to the country, we interviewed Paula Calderon, Talent Management Solutions at Drake International.

What is contract employment?

Contract employment is a set term agreement between and employer and a candidate. In some cases these contracts are not managed directly by the employer but they can be outsourced to a third party that will hold the contract with the candidate and possibly manage the payroll on behalf of the employer.

What things to consider when looking for contract employment?

It is important to consider your qualifications for contract employment to ensure that you find a good match. When it comes to contract work, experience and qualifications can be a great asset as employers are looking for people that can jump right in and get the job done in the period of time assigned to the contract, with minimum training requirements.

Where and how to look for contract work?

Contract work is generally advertised in the same places as permanent employment. Some companies hire contract staff directly but most will use the services of a recruitment agency or non-profit organization. In job board there are usually separate sections for contract employment, in which these set term opportunities can be found.

What are the benefits of contract employment for newcomers? Does it pay more?

For newcomers specifically, contract work can be a great opportunity. Contract work may be easier to secure as it poses less risk to the employer and therefore they are more willing to try someone without local experience. It also reduces the negative connotation of ‘overqualification’, as experience is actually an asset in contract employment. Also, it provides a great opportunity for the contract worker to test a specific role or company and also to make their mark. The best way to secure employment is by having the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and by accepting contract work you are able to do just that. It is also a great way to build a professional network and leverage that in your search for the next opportunity

Does contract work lead to permanent or other work?

It is definitely a good opportunity, when you are able to demonstrate your skills not only do you increase your possibilities of securing a permanent employment with the company that you are engaged in a contract opportunity with but you can also use that experience to market yourself externally. At the same time you are meeting new people in your industry and most importantly they are meeting you.

Are there any negative effects for contract employment?

This depends on the person, there could be an emotional effect to not being a permanent employee and feeling like you don’t really belong in the team, for others, a negative effect could be the fact that they need to get more organized with their income as contract employment doesn’t usually cover benefits like dental and health coverage as well as pension plan deductions, so this is something that you would have to arrange for yourself. Also, having to market yourself again to employers after the contract is over can be a daunting thought but overall the professional advantages plus the flexibility that it provides should counter all negative effects. Some people actually prefer to work only on set term contracts as it allows them to have more freedom of choice and variety in the projects that they work on.

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