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If you’re a marketer in Canada looking to increase market share you need a newcomer business development strategy.

The economic power of newcomers is expected to grow by a whopping 12% next year to an estimated $70 billion dollars and is driven by;

  • Record arrival numbers: in the last 10 years, over 2.6 million newcomers arrived; and in the next 3 years alone, just over one million more newcomers will arrive
  • A younger than average age versus the Canadian population
  • A larger than average household size
  • And higher than average education levels

Prepare for Canada has been helping these newcomers make better-informed decisions about their new lives in Canada for over 7 years, and we can help turn these newcomers into your new customers!


The Prepare For Canada Audience


Individual and principal applicants accounted for about 37 percent of the nearly 280,000 newcomers who arrived last year. They are our target audience and they make up our Prepare for Canada community.

Our audience is looking for a great deal of information including financial first steps, settling first steps and job-finding first steps, and other individual needs. These individual needs are prioritized differently depending on financial circumstances, family size, career aspirations, and even on the different landing cities and provinces, and, time of year of landing.

Our goal is to provide our target audience with as much current, accurate and relevant information as possible; tailored for each stage of the immigration journey; on both a collective and customized basis; and designed to contribute to their success here in Canada.


How We Attract Newcomers To Join Our Community


We use a 3 step inbound marketing approach to achieve our goal. Here’s how it works.

To initially engage our target audience and start building our community we;

  • Use a robust content strategy deployed on our website and social media platforms
  • Employ paid support to reach our target audience in key source countries
  • Leverage strategic partnerships

These activities are designed to attract, educate and empower our audience and help and guide them to register with us to become a part of our Prepare for Canada digital community.

One of the most important qualifying registration attributes, amongst a number of attributes we collect, is visa status. This life cycle stage is an important starting point in audience qualification and segmentation.

Importantly, we use a progressive registration system, which allows us to learn more about our community members over time, without asking them the same questions or asking for too much prior to building the trust needed for them to provide that information.


Our Results


Content in context is what inbound marketing is all about. This approach has served both our audience and our advertising partners well!

Last year we had nearly 1 million unique visitors to our website (across desktop and mobile devices).
We generated nearly 75,000 impressions daily through social media.

And nearly 30,000 registered, qualified newcomers were an active part of our digital community, including, people outside of Canada and at the beginning of their journey, people who arrived in Canada in the last year, and newcomers already within Canada who were engaging with us for the first time.

We distributed nearly 1.3 million emails with messaging tailored to the individual immigrant’s needs; resulting in outstanding engagement, far exceeding industry averages.


The Opportunity For You


The process is simple. We’ll meet with you to get a better understanding of your marketing objectives, strategies and budget, and, based on that input, we’ll create program options for your consideration.

These options can range from multi-year category exclusive sponsored programs to shorter quarterly initiatives.

Whichever program you choose you‘ll find it to be:

  • Targeted
  • Measurable
  • Credible
  • Easy to implement – we do the work for you!

Our inbound marketing approach means we’re getting to newcomers with the information they need at the point in time they need it, which has allowed us to become the trusted source of information for newcomers in their journey to Canada. You too can become a trusted partner in the newcomer journey; leveraging the trust we’ve built to build your brand awareness, influence newcomer intentions, and ultimately, to generate qualified newcomer leads and new business.

We look forward to creating your custom solution that turns our newcomers into your new customers.