Get information that is essential for all newcomers to Canada

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The way that newcomers to Canada find work has changed. Looking for ads in local newspapers and magazines have become a thing of the past. Now it seems that the best way to find out about the latest and greatest jobs is online.  Technologies such as online career fairs have helped to improve the ability for companies and recruiters to contact the right candidates.  

While online job boards have proven very successful, there has not been a way for companies that rely on in-person job fairs to replicate the experience online until now.

The standard format of career fairs has a major flaw when it comes to reaching out to immigrants to Canada during the pre-arrival stage.  Quite simply, they are not in the country to attend.  There is some great news though, Virtual fairs are able to bridge this gap and allow you to speak directly with future newcomers to Canada anywhere in the world.

The benefits to taking part in an online fair when hoping to speak with the pre-arrival immigrant community are great.


  • No travel required

At a virtual or online fair, you will be able to speak directly with newcomers from the comfort of your own office.  Avoiding the need to get in a car and travel to the location of the fair.


  • Recruit and inform worldwide

You will have the ability to communicate with newcomers from anywhere in the world as they prepare to leave their home country and get on a plane to Canada.


  • Job seekers are already online doing their pre-arrival research

Online is where a great deal of the pre-arrival research is done by newcomers, this is because they don’t have access to traditional media in Canada.  For this reason, you can be sure that they are online and ready to learn about potential opportunities in Canada.


  • No tables to set up

You don’t need to bring a lot of resources to an event, just log in from anywhere and speak to attendees.


  • Save time, money, and resources

Your team will not need to give up multiple days of work to travel, setup and present at the event.  Online fairs streamline the whole process.

Prepare For Canada’s online fair series provides those that are committed to helping newcomers settle in Canada more benefits than a traditional fair at a fraction of the cost (no travel, accommodation, brochure expense, etc.)

Traditional shows involve investment in time and money in booth costs, preparation costs, travel and accommodation costs. Virtual fairs give you the targeted audience you want in a more cost effective manner.

Online fairs also offer an unparalleled ability to communicate with those who attended the fair and visited your virtual booth.  The audience can be segmented and you can provide them each with the information that is pertinent to them.  Get in touch with a representative from Prepare For Canada to learn more about how the upcoming online fairs can help you achieve your goals.