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Virtual Fairs in Canada

Virtual fairs are fast becoming one of the most convenient ways to speak directly to who you need to, there’s no longer any need to wake up early, travel across the country, set up a booth and spend several days at the location.  Not only are virtual fairs a more convenient way to engage with people, they are much easier and more effective.  They also provide a much higher return on investment.

Prepare for Canada is launching a series of career fairs that give settlement and government agencies, education providers a platform to speak directly to newcomers to Canada, both before and after they arrive.

Learn more about how Virtual Fairs are changing the way people connect with companies like yours.

Virtual fairs are able to allow newcomers to find out the information you want to deliver to them in a clear and concise way and as each attendee is required to provide contact information before they can enter the virtual environment, you will have the ability to follow up with supplementary materials and details on your services.

Tips for hiring firms going virtual:

Make your booth stand out – The provider of the virtual fair will ask you for some creatives so that they can build out your virtual booth.  This will usually be your logo and some downloadable assets such as brochures or presentations.  You should also be able to work on a live webinar that can be shown to attendees at the time of the fair.

Get your best team ready – As the virtual fair is a great way to connect with newcomers to Canada before and after they arrive, you will want to make sure that you have your best people available to talk to them while they are at the fair.  This can make a huge difference to how effective you can be on a day to day basis.

Have a clear message – Just as you would at a traditional fair, you should make it clear what you and your company do and how you can help newcomers to Canada.

Give attendees something to remember you by – You will need to be able to offer those who come to your booth with something that they cannot get elsewhere.  This could be worksheets, ebooks, presentation documents or anything that they can take away with them and refer back to.

Acknowledge attention – Thank everyone who visits your booth

Have a plan to re-engage – After the fair is over you should have a plan in place to follow up with everyone that you spoke to at the fair.  This will allow you to make sure that you are getting the most you can out of your investment in attending the fair and also serve as a healthy reminder to attendees.

Online fairs also offer an unparalleled ability to communicate with those who attended the fair and visited your virtual booth.  The audience can be segmented and you can provide them each with the information that is pertinent to them.  Get in touch with a representative from Prepare For Canada to learn more about how the upcoming online fairs can help you achieve your goals.