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Finding work after arriving in Canada

Looking for work after you arrive

If you’re tempted to set up your computer a couple days after you land in Canada and start blasting out email resumés to every company in a 25-kilometre radius … stop yourself!

Most immigrants who take this approach find themselves sending out hundreds of resumés with very little — or no — response. They get frustrated, dejected and angry. They question why they are getting no response, but don’t have the answer.

The answer is that they are likely not applying in the “Canadian” way. Maybe their resumé is all wrong for Canadian standards. Or maybe the employers receiving their resumés don’t want to take a risk on a person who just landed, has no knowledge of Canada or its workplace expectations, and may or may not have sufficient language skills.

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Finding a good job in Canada won’t be easy. It’s not even easy for many Canadian-borns in today’s economy. So don’t waste your effort and energy on a job search unless you have a little patience and a lot of information.