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Alternative Careers in Canada

There are a great deal of Industries in Canada need skilled and experienced workers just like you.  As a result, they are looking to newcomers to fill the available jobs.  In order to make sure that newcomers like you are ready to work in these positions, the government of Canada has funded some really good pre-arrival training programs.  Programs like these will allow newcomers to continue their career in Canada as well as explore alternative careers.  They are free to all pre-arrival newcomers and are a fantastic way to not only get qualifications that are acknowledged by industry leaders but also help you to gain valuable contacts in the industry that you are looking find a job in.


Networking in Canada is the fastest ways to find a job that you can be proud of.  By taking part in one or more of these government funded training programs you will be able to hit the ground running.  You will build a professional network in Canada in no time.  This will make getting your first job in Canada a great deal easier.  Leading you to great success, here are just some of the many government funded training programs available.


The Food Processing Human Resources Council Pre-Arrival Training Program


.The vast majority of newcomers to Canada are unaware that the food processing industry is booming Food manufacturing is Canada’s largest industry accounting for 246,000 jobs with many left unfilled.  A lot of different backgrounds can access the careers available in food processing.  This makes it a great opportunity for those looking for an alternative career.  Furthermore, as there is such growth in this industry, the government of Canada has funds the Food Processing Human Resources Council Pre-Arrival Training Program.  This initiative will provide pre-arrival training to soon to be newcomers to Canada.  This training is respected by employers within this sector so that after completion you can be confident of your chances of getting a good job in Canada. The first step is to attend Prepare for Canada’s Food Processing Human Resources Council (FPHRC) Pre-Arrival Webinar.  By joining us for this live online info session, you can learn all about the program and speak with panelists from the FPHRC and ask all the questions you want.


As you are in the process of coming to Canada, join us at the upcoming Settling in Canada Online Fair.  You’ll learn all about the careers and government-funded training that is available by province so that you can make an informed choice on where to live.


What you can do at the fair


  • When you enter the fair you will be at the Plaza, from there you can check out the auditorium, exhibit halls and a lot more…
  • In the auditorium, you can watch some very informative webinars where you can learn everything from interview techniques to how to choose a settlement agency that is right for you.
  • The exhibit halls are where you find the booths, Each one of these is packed full of downloadable resources and other tools that will allow you to settle in Canada with great ease and comfort.

Remember to Register Now to avoid missing out on this great career opportunity.


The British Columbia Construction Association Pre-Arrival Training Program


British Columbia is a province in Canada where the construction industry is currently in desperate need of skilled workers.  Newcomers can look forward to a predicted 30,000 available construction jobs in British Columbia over the next few years.  Providing pre-arrival immigrants with a program of its own, the British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) is funded by the Canadian government.  A great way to succeed in Canada is to look at alternative career options.  Prepare for Canada will be able to introduce you to the British Columbia Construction Association team via a webinar online info session that will allow you to take your first step on the way to employment in Canada.


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The Facilitating Access to Skilled Trades in BC


(FAST BC) connects immigrants with employers looking for skills and experience in three key areas.  These areas are carpentry, automotive services, and power engineering.  The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) developed this program to help newcomers. FAST BC offers online assessment of skills and knowledge. You will then have the knowledge and skills needed for the Canadian workplace. Mentors and skilled immigrants get matched as they register for the program.  Consequently helping you build your professional network in BC.  Take a look at our webinar for more information.


You may not think that you would ever end up in the food processing industry or construction related fields.  As a result, with a little help from some of these programs, you might find yourself on a whole new career path in Canada.  Therefore, as a newcomer to Canada, you should be ready to be flexible when it comes to job options.  In conclusion, with an open mind, you can really look forward to an alternative career in Canada.

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