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Are you an internationally trained lawyer (ITL) planning to work in Canada? The Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) is here to help!

Where can an Internationally Trained Lawyer Work?

As an internationally trained lawyer, you can either practice law in a law firm, an in-house legal department or a legal clinic. These roles require accreditation in Canada. Alternative careers including near-law and non-law options. These roles do not require accreditation but may require further training. CRIEC is able to assist you as you consider your career choices, seek accreditation if needed and get employment ready!

To get your law career in Canada off the ground here are some tips:

  • Learn about the necessary skills and qualifications for different, near-law and non-law career paths
  • Reflect on your work experience and professional goals to determine the best career options for you
  • Connect with professionals in the area through mentoring and networking

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What Does CRIEC Do?

CRIEC has designed, developed and implemented various initiatives and strategies, including mentoring and connecting programs, career path planning sessions and competency (cultural and skill) workshops for newcomers to Canad just like you. Working together with more than 250 employer and community partners ensures our collective ideas and efforts remain effective and relevant.

CRIEC has several no-cost strategies to help you find and pursue your career path in Calgary. They include: mentoring, workshops, networking opportunities, observerships in legal workplaces and more.

CRIEC has several no-cost strategies to help you as you navigate the accreditation process—including mentoring, workshops and observerships in legal workplaces and more.