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In the last article, I spoke about getting that first job and promised we would talk about the next step – retaining the job!

Most tips are very, very basic.

Create a daily objective list and work hard to achieve it. If you do achieve it by early afternoon, your list is too ‘light’.

Get to work on time and do not start leaving fifteen minutes before closing time. It may be a bit strange for the first few days especially as many colleagues stream out but do remember they have been there for some time and have proven themselves.

Spend time understanding your job, what your predecessor did and how you could improve on it. You must set time aside to continuously research the industry you work for, the trends and future opportunities.

Find out what is the company policy on social media. Is personal Facebook usage allowed during office hours or is it expected of you to tweet as a company spokesperson.

Lunch times can be a bit confusing for newcomers especially if you are in a large company. Remember individuals may create informal cliques either by rank, job function or even ethnicity! Try to avoid being typecast in any form at this stage because you also need to spend time understanding the politics in the company.

Stay away from getting pulled into office politics or gossip. It is a slippery slope and all it takes is one nod or smile and you could be pulled into something that will be difficult to control.

Never ever complain about a former boss or company. It is not considered to be professional and will reflect badly on you.

Avoid at all costs complaining, criticizing and being negative.  Show a ‘happy to be here’ attitude and people will notice it!

Volunteer for projects and new assignments. It is a great way to learn more about the company meet other staff members and get a chance to collaborate with them.

After office you may be invited for coffee or drinks or even dinner. Be friendly, not over friendly. And if you are having a drink, limit it so that you do not go overboard!

Above all, remember you are going to be watched very carefully for the first few months and you have to give the correct, professional image that goes with your job function.


Nick Noorani