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Employment for Newcomers to Canada

Many newcomers to Canada will find that there are a lot of roadblocks along the way to continuing to work in their chosen field.  It could be that you have to get your international qualifications and certifications assessed or that you simply need some Canadian experience under your belt before you can enter your profession in Canada.  This is where being open to a plan B or an alternative career can help you to get your life in Canada off to the best possible start.

When newcomers come to Canada many are highly skilled, but because those fields are regulated, they can’t work in their ideal job until they have become re-licensed in their home province.  Many will choose to get a survival job as they await the recognition of their credentials.

It is important to note that an alternative career is not the same as a survival job.  A survival job can be necessary to help you get by while you look for something more suited to your skills, however, you will need to keep your eye on the prize and stay positive.  An alternative career is a way that you can work in your field in an unregulated position.  This is a fantastic way to use the skills you have learned throughout your career as you wait for your credentials to be assessed and you can go ahead and get on with a career that you are passionate about.

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By using the skills that you are trained in before you are able to continue your primary career is a great way to set yourself up for success.  You will have been using your skills in Canada and have had the opportunity to build a network that will allow you to find work with much greater ease once you are certified.  With a little bit of patience and a positive attitude, you will be surprised at how much you can achieve in Canada.

There are many government-funded training programs that are available to newcomers to Canada.  These programs offer an invaluable resource that can make it possible to find well-paid work in Canada as you arrive.  Not only will you receive valuable training that will make employers all across Canada stand up and take notice, but you will also gain a valuable professional network. Learn More…  

To understand how this would work in practice, let’s take a look at my friend Ramesh’s story.  He came to Canada after having worked as an engineer in his home country for many years.  When he arrived, he found that he wasn’t able to find work as an engineer straight away as his credentials needed to be assessed first.  Ramesh worked in a kitchen for a couple of weeks to get by before he was able to find work for an engineering company as a project manager.  This was perfect for him as it allowed him to use his experience in the field of engineering without having to jump through the hoops of getting his credentials assessed right away.  He has continued to build on this initial success and is now very happy with where he is in Canada.

Finding work in Canada before and after you arrive can be a challenging experience.  You will need to spend some time understanding what you need to do and how to get settled in Canada. With a little patience and a strong positive attitude, you will be able to get the job that you have always wanted in Canada. There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to searching around on the internet for the right answer to this question so you may need a little help to find what you need.

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