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Job findingFor most job seekers, a good place to start looking for a job is the nearest community employment centre. This is a great resource for finding job leads and tips.You can also look for job openings in classified advertisements and online job boards. Larger organizations post their openings online and even have online application forms.

We have prepared a Pre-Arrival Checklist of valuable information that will make arriving in Canada as smooth a process as possible.
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There are also many staffing agencies you can connect with, some that focus on temporary work and others who are hired by employers to take over the hiring process for them.

But don’t forget about the all-important networking. Many jobs are filled by word of mouth before they are never listed on a job board. This is called the “hidden job market” in Canada. People get hired because they know someone and hear there’s an opening coming up. That’s why it’s critical for you to start networking, join associations, volunteer — just get out there and meet people who could potentially lead you to a job.