Get information that is essential for all newcomers to Canada

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To-do list

1. Get a map of your city and explore your home!

2. Find transit locations: Now how to take the bus, train or subway in your new city.

3. Join a library: Libraries offer lots of programs and services, too.

4. Get your Permanent Resident Card

5. Apply for Canada Child Tax Benefit

6.  Look for more permanent accommodation You can’t stay in a hotel forever. It’s time to start looking for a rental.

7. Get your Canadian driver’s licence


8. Get your SIN card: You need this to get a job!

9. Find an immigrant-serving settlement agency: They offer free services, including settlement counselling, language and job search training.

10. Consider taking additional language training

11. Canadianize your résumé and get some employment help

12. Take control of your job search! Seek out networking opportunities


13. Apply for your medical health card: If there is a waiting period, as you may need private insurance for the interim.

14. Find your nearest walk-in clinic, hospital and search for a family doctor


15. Find a bank branch and open an account: This will start the process of building up your credit history in Canada.