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volunteering opportunities during the holidays

As many immigrants to Canada find out, volunteering can be a great way to gain Canadian work experience.  Which is typically essential if you want to be successful in applying for work in Canada. With the holidays fast approaching, this is a great time to get some volunteering hours under your belt.  Many charitable organisations are ramping up their programs at this time of year due to the increased demand for their services around Christmas.

So, where can you find volunteer work in Canada during the holidays

There are some key first steps to volunteering in Canada.  Volunteer with the organization, go through their orientation process, get trained, and prove yourself as a reliable volunteer. You are more likely to get to volunteer during the holidays.  Really, all it takes is a little bit of research and some effort on your part to find exactly what it is that you want to volunteer for.  There will be many opportunities out there for you, all you need to do is explore your options.

Local Charities

You should take a look around your local neighborhood for places like the Salvation Army.  Getting in touch with them directly and asking if they need any extra help during this busy time can be a great place to get started.  If they don’t have something themselves, there is a good chance that they will be able to put you into contact with some other volunteer opportunities. There are a few links at the bottom of this post for other good sources of volunteer work in Canada.


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Meals on Wheels

This is a service that helps provides nutritious food to those that are housebound.  This can be a very rewarding volunteer opportunity and make all of the difference in the world to someone. Not only are you helping people to get the food that they need, you can also meet people in your local community and practice your language skills.  Many people depend on this type of service to make it through the winter, this makes it very important for your community that people like yourself volunteer, especially in the winter.  This is the time of year that people are at their most vulnerable and least mobile.


Senior Homes

Senior homes, assisted living facilities and hospice care in your area may be in great need of an extra pair of hands at this time of year. Make a list of all of the various senior homes in your immediate area and get in touch with them directly in search of opportunities.  Even if all they require is someone to drop round and spend time with the residents, you will be doing them a great favor.

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