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I meet immigrants all the time. Mostly through the 7 Success Secrets Seminars but also in the oddest places like getting off a five hour flight and being asked if I am me! Or meeting a stranger in the lobby of a hotel in Delhi or even walking down streets. It seems immigrants like to talk to me as much as I do.

They tell me how much they love the work I do and how it has helped them and then comes the five million dollar question. Could I help them find a job? Some of the careers that they have range from HR, sales etc. to the more exotic like nuclear scientists, archaeologists etc. Now, I don’t know how many people have a black book with friends from the last two professions, but I certainly don’t!

And while I can understand from their perspective, they probably think I have access to all employers in Canada, the fact is I don’t. In my 7 Success Secrets seminar I often tell immigrants. I don’t sell fish – I teach you how to catch fish! That ensures like the proverb that you will never go hungry again. The proverb I refer to is an old Chinese one that says: ‘Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

What do I mean by that? Well I am not an expert on recruitment or hiring practices, but I do know that most every profession needs soft skills. These skills are more important in Canada than in many of our home countries where our technical skills were pretty much all that were job worthy.

Which is why I created 9 Soft Skills no Immigrant Should be without! This 15 page book will take you through the soft skills you can work on that should hopefully lead to that dream job. And once you get that, CONGRATULATIONS -you are now a fisherman!

And to those who want to meet me, follow the 7 Success Secrets seminar schedule and register!


Nick Noorani