Get information that is essential for all newcomers to Canada

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Sunshine, blue skies and open roads. Canadian living doesn’t get much better than this!

Next year, Canada will celebrate its 150th year since Confederation and as future citizens of this great country, it would be worthwhile to study a bit more about Canada. Knowing about the country you have embraced will make you proud of its achievements and you will be a great ambassador when you talk to family and friends about this great country.

At Prepare for Canada, we are constantly working on improving your professional prospects in Canada. We have teamed up with several professional bodies to provide you with free training that will enhance your ability to get a job of your choice.

We will shortly be launching a free predictive performance profile (P3) that will help you in your job search. The P3 program (similar to a Myers-Briggs assessment) will also help you in creating an effective LinkedIn profile as well as in crafting cover letters for jobs.

Meanwhile, go out there and enjoy the Canada Day Long Weekend!