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What does having a Plan B mean? Plan B is what happens when Plan A (your original plan or the career you had before you migrated) doesn’t work!  Unfortunately, many immigrants do not even have a Plan A and think that they will just do what they did back home. And trust me, that does not always work.

In my case, I came to Canada with twenty-three years in advertising handling account management, new business development, copywriting and film production for global brands in three different countries. After landing in Canada I discovered that Vancouver had very few ad agencies and I should be in the capital of advertising that is Toronto. With a family of four, that would have meant a very expensive move, plus I fell in love with Vancouver and I am not particularly fond of shoveling the snow that you get elsewhere in Canada!
Time for Plan B!
I moved into advertising sales and both my employer and I were impressed at how good I was at it! My Plan B worked because I used my transferable skills and made a career out of it.
Plan B soon became preferable to my Plan A, as I launched my own magazine utilising the new skills I had added to my resume. That is the best way to create a Plan B! List your skills and then search for different careers that would need those skills and go from there.
I have been talking to thousands of immigrants about this in my 7 Success Secrets for Canadian Immigrants seminar for over a decade. Plan B is now also referred to as Alternative Careers.
Please do your research and always, always have a Plan B!