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At a recent conference I attended, the MC asked the audience to connect with someone who they didn’t know and talk about a toy that they remembered from childhood.  I met a young man who proudly flaunted a badge showing he was working for a national bank.

Like almost all of us, he went through the all too familiar initial responses to job applications, interview sessions and hearing the dreaded ‘no Canadian experience’ response.  Which is very disheartening indeed, as anyone who has experienced it knows.

“So how did you overcome the negativity?” I asked.  “Did you have that clown toy as a kid? You know the one filled with air that you could keep punching down and it would bounce back?” he asked.

And I did remember having a toy like that and smiled nodding.

“Well, I just kept thinking how the toy kept bouncing back never being laid out flat! And I took my inspiration from the toy!”

What a great attitude!

I constantly marvel at the immigrant spirit. The ‘never say die’, the ‘I will never give up’, the ‘tomorrow is another day’ attitude.

Almost every successful immigrant I meet has that positive attitude in spades.

For me it was the poster above my desk showing a cartoon drawing of a stork with a frog in the beak and the frog with his hands around the neck of the stork! The saying was “never give up!”, and I didn’t.

Nor should you.

Tomorrow is another day. Brush yourself off and get to it!