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Family and children

A majority of immigrants often say that they chose to come to Canada for their children. They want their children to grow up in a country that respects human rights, freedom, equality and opportunity.

But, once they arrive, it can be a challenge for families and children to adapt to the new Canadian environment. There are likely different expectations for both parents and children here. And every member of the family will be faced with stress, culture shock and homesickness.

It’s important to be supportive of your children and spouse as they deal with culture and value clashes; learn to be open to new ways of seeing the world. After all, you have chosen to move to a new country, you are raising your children here and you can’t expect all your traditional family expectations to remain exactly the same, especially if you’re from an Eastern culture moving to a Western one.

The important thing is to be loving, open and understanding to all members of your family, including seniors, and to seek support from friends, family or even counselling services at immigrant settlement agencies if needed.