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Buying your first homeDepending on the province or territory, a landlord may require a security deposit when you sign the lease. The deposit is usually equal to one month’s rent. This is used to cover unpaid rent or damage caused to the rental. When you move out, the deposit is either returned or used to pay the last month of rent.

Be aware that every province has different rules about deposits. In Ontario, the deposit can only be used for unpaid rent and not for damages. In Quebec, landlords cannot ask for any deposit. For more details, review the fact sheet for the province or territory of your rental, available at 

Review with the landlord or superintendent the procedure for getting mail, using the intercom (in a larger building), garbage and recycling, laundry, tenant and visitor parking, and how to use the appliances.

As soon as you move in, immediately check for any damage in the property. Take notes or photographs and ensure the landlord signs the list of damages, and keep a copy of it for your records.