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networking within your personal community

Networking is one of the most important new skills a newcomer often has to acquire. In Canada, many jobs and opportunities are found through word of mouth. Networking is the process by which you meet new people at social or professional events whom could potentially lead you to new opportunities.

While many people limit their networking to the office or professional/industry events, don’t discount the possibility of networking within your personal community as well. You never know where your

neighbour works, or who he/she knows. So, even in your personal time, it’s important to approach social connections with a positive and professional attitude.


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Networks and associations

There is more to networking than just chatting with people in your neighbourhood. Look for social networks to join, from English circles at your local library to Toastmasters’ groups, but most importantly, look for professional associations related to your career.

Most professions (from marketers to editors) have such groups where people in your profession get together for workshops, professional development and events held just for the purpose of networking. Such organizations typically charge an annual fee, but the benefits of getting connected with others in your field is worth it!

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