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Summer is here and with it brings so many newcomers to Canada! I recently had the opportunity to connect with someone who had attended our Know Before You Go! Webinar. After a couple of months in Canada and he called me and said he wished he had done all that we advised him to do! It is something I hear all the time and frankly, there’s not much that we can do but give you all this information. Making that information work is your responsibility. We continue to work on giving you the best customer experience by providing you with innovative products (and there’s a lot more exciting news to come!) and programs that will help you succeed in Canada.

There has been a spate of fraudulent calls from scammers pretending to call from Citizenship & Immigration Canada and making threats of all sorts. They even have the ability to have the call display read ‘Citizenship & Immigration’ See these news items:

In 2014, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre of the RCMP received just 75 complaints relating to false CIC calls and 1,251 false CRA calls. Thus far in 2015, they’ve received 381 complaints about fake callers from CIC who’ve obtained over $106,000 from their victims, and 2,855 complaints about CRA pretenders who’ve stolen over $250,000.

Here is the CIC website:

Do not fall for these scams and please also inform other family members not to entertain such calls.