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For the past four years, we at Prepare for Canada have been speaking to immigrants preparing them by providing them information on Canada. One of the most asked questions is “are there loans that one could get to upgrade skills or get further education?” And the answer is ‘Yes!’

Immigrants to Canada face several challenges the biggest one is getting their credentials recognised. This can be a time consuming process that could also be expensive. Fortunately, there is an organisation that helps newcomers get loans quickly and without much paperwork. I have known the Immigrant Access Fund since 2008 and they do a great job in helping immigrants get small loans.

An IAF micro loan can help you if you are struggling to pay for the costs of your Canadian licensing requirements or training. Micro loans of up to $10,000 are available to immigrants who have training or experience in another country before coming to Canada. People who receive IAF micro loans are both skilled workers and professionals.

IAF micro loans are different than regular bank loans because IAF does not require applicants to be employed, have a credit history in Canada, or have collateral-all typical bank requirements. Additionally IAF micro loans are available to people who cannot receive a student loan because they are not taking full-time studies or they have not been in Canada long enough.

Prepare for Canada is thrilled to support the wonderful work that IAF does with a live webinar where you can speak with senior staff at the Immigrant Access Fund about your specific queries!