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As you may know, Canada is a huge country, with diverse cultures, communities, climates and employment opportunities. And the economic benefits for you and your family vary tremendously from province to province.That’s why it is important for you to choose carefully the province and the city you will live in, based on your research of the job market for your particular industry or profession.

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• Move to a region where you can obtain employment, a region which is affordable and close to schools.

After choosing a province, you have to narrow it down to a city. Of course, you can always move, but making an informed decision from the get-go will make your journey to Canada that much smoother.

If you already have friends and family in Canada, the choice might be already made in your mind. It’s been proven that having a support network can help you integrate faster into Canada. On the other hand, no point going to an area where your profession is not in demand just because you have friends there!

To help you get a fairly good idea of employment opportunities in each province, here is a breakdown of various industries across the country:
• For opportunities in the automotive industry, manufacturing, media or finance, you might consider the province of Ontario.
• Quebec is known for Technology, so is British Columbia and New Brunswick.
• If you have an agricultural background, you will find the best opportunities in the Prairies, Ontario and Manitoba.
• Alberta and Saskatchewan are known for their oil and gas industries and have a big shortage of skilled workers in these industries.
• Lumber is a major industry in B.C. and New Brunswick.
• Health care, hospitality and tourism jobs are most available in all regions.
• The mining industry is most prominent in B.C., Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Yukon, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

This was the list of major industries in Canada, divided by region.

Research the official, and also some non-official websites on each province and the major cities to get a broader idea of work and play in each province.

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