Get information that is essential for all newcomers to Canada

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Soon you will be in Canada and now it’s the time to prepare all the things you need to bring with you. You will save yourself a lot of time and frustration by not forgetting 14 essential documents that you can’t afford not to bring. These documents will make your life much easier in Canada.

• So let’s start with the top of the list: your birth certificate. If you’re immigrating with your family; they need to have their birth certificates as well.

• The next document to bring is your marriage certificate, or your divorce papers if applicable.
• If you have children, bring their school records, as they will help you place them into the right grade at school.
• And if you or any other adults accompanying you have degrees, bring copies of them, diplomas and academic transcripts. Have them evaluated by a professional service in Canada; because it might help you find work more easily.

• Another document that might be helpful as well is a reference letter from each of your former employers. In addition to these letters, bring samples of your work or achievements, any samples you think might help you get a job in Canada.

• Next on the list is an international driver’s licence which will let you drive in the country for the short term, till you get your Canadian licence. And in addition to that, if you can show you have a good driving record in your home country, bring those documents as you might get a better insurance rate in Canada.

• With regards to your health, get a travel health insurance for the short term, until you become eligible for health care coverage.

• If you have health issues, bring any medical records, dental files or x-rays you have; they might be needed in the future. Don’t forget also the vaccination records for your children.

• Other documents to bring are: Certificates of valuation & authenticity, if you’re bringing jewellery or other valuables,

Have all these important documents translated into English or French before arriving, so that people in Canada can easily understand them, and it’s better you keep these documents or at least the most important ones with you at all times. Packing them in your luggage might not be a good option.

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