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One of the biggest mistakes would-be immigrants make is leaving for Canada unprepared. They leave behind critical documents that can help them in their settlement in Canada. They forgot to purchase insurance to cover them and their belongings while they travel. Or they choose to leave so much behind that they are faced with enormous costs after they arrive.The good news is you don’t have to figure it out alone. Our handy pre-arrival checklists will guide you as you pack up.  Download the Ebook today.
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Checklist 1: Documents you can’t forget to bring to Canada – an overview

Checklist 2: What you can bring with you – personal and household items

Checklist 3: Transferring finances

Checklist 4: Medical and immunizations records to bring

Checklist 5: Professional documents you can’t forget

Checklist 6: Tips for shipping personal effects

Checklist 7: What to know about medical insurance