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University of Toronto is one of the top universities in Canada for engineering

Canada is home to some of the best research-based engineering universities in the world. And, no matter which public university you go to, you will get some of the best education in the world. You’ll also receive a widely recognized degree that many countries around the world accept. Some Canadian universities, however, are known for giving students more in-depth access to their field of study. Below, are some of the top universities in Canada for engineering students.

University of Waterloo|Top Canadian University for Engineering

The University of Waterloo (UWaterloo), located in Kitchener-Waterloo, is considered the top university in Canada for engineering. It is internationally recognized for its one-of-a-kind engineering faculty. While it might not be the first university that comes to mind when talking about Canada’s top university, UWaterloo has many reasons that make it the best university for engineering students. 

UWaterloo has the best co-op program in North America. Its co-op program gives UWaterloo students the upper hand when they enter the workplace. That is because Waterloo’s co-op program allows students to get work experience while they are still in university. As a bonus, they also earn money during their co-op, which can help to pay off their tuition fees. 

While no university guarantees students a co-op placement, UWaterloo students generally have no trouble finding placements in the workplace. This is a great achievement, considering that UWaterloo has the largest engineering department in Canada. UWaterloo also has one of the highest employment rates for its graduates, falling just behind the University of Toronto. 

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is internationally known for being the center of teaching, learning, and research. It has also been recognized as North America’s most international university. As a result, UBC students receive an education that revolves around research and technology from a top university in Canada for engineering. The university is only a 30-minute bus ride to the heart of downtown Vancouver,

Aerial view of the University of British Columbia.

Combined with a great co-op program, UBC graduates generally find jobs pretty quickly after graduating. Co-op students from UBC, especially, have an easy time finding jobs. This is because employers know they have work experience while also receiving an education based on innovation.

At the end of the day, if someone is going to hire you as an engineer, you should have your own original ideas in addition to what you are taught in university. UBC is a great university for that because it encourages students to innovate and develop problem-solving skills.

University of Toronto | One of the Top Engineering Universities in Canada

The University of Toronto (UofT) is commonly referred to as Canada’s most prestigious university. It is also one of the top Canadian universities for engineering. The university is often called the Oxford of Canada. No matter which program you enter at UofT, you will find yourself among some of the best professors in Canada. Additionally, your degree will come with the rightfully earned respect and recognition of a UofT graduate. The engineering program at UofT is no exception. Like UBC, UofT’s engineering program revolves heavily around research-based education, combined with traditional lecture-styled classes.

UofT has three campuses, all of which are located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). While the main campus, St. George, is located in downtown Toronto, the university also has campuses in Mississauga and Scarborough.

University of Alberta

The University of Alberta (UofA) is one of the leading institutes when it comes to the top Canadian universities for engineering. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, the city also offers a low cost of living. As a result, if you decide to go to UofA, you will be getting a well-respected degree while also being able to manage affordable living expenses.

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University of Western Ontario

The University of Western Ontario (Western), located in London, Ontario, has one of Canada’s largest and most scenic campuses. It also has a great engineering faculty. Western is specifically known for having exceptional programs in civil and mechanical engineering. This combined with a scenic, accessible, and bustling campus makes Western one of the top picks for international students.

Western is known for having a great student life. The university has many resources that help students balance their studies with their social life. These resources help students manage their studies and not get overwhelmed. The university gives a lot of importance to extracurriculars such as student clubs and intramurals. These factors, combined with a remarkable engineering program make Western one of the top universities in Canada for engineering students.

The Ivey Business School is also located on the Western University campus. It is one of the best business schools in Canada. 96% of Ivey graduates get job offers right away. Additionally, many of them reach high positions in their companies.

Complementing Your Engineering Education with a Business Degree

A common approach to make yourself more desirable to employers is to complement your engineering education with a business degree. This dual degree combination shows employers that you possess technical know-how and broader business skills to enhance big-picture thinking. In addition, it can open up unique career options when you apply can apply engineering school technical skills and business leadership, strategy, and communication skills. You can read more about the benefits of higher education in Canada, here.

Having a dual degree on your resume can also help you to differentiate yourself from other job candidates. It shows your commitment to achieving educational and career goals.

Pursuing a dual degree can also help you to grow your professional network by connecting you to other engineers and business professionals. This can help you to find exciting opportunities and you can graduate with many professional contacts and references.

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Choosing a Canadian Engineering University as an International Student

No matter which university you attend, you will receive a good education. Canadian universities also provide many opportunities to transition into the workplace upon graduation. At the end of the day, which university you decide to go to depends on your preferences. Some students prefer staying near home while others are comfortable going to study on the other side of the country. 

It is crucial to understand that academics is not the only factor that matters when choosing a university. You will be spending four or more years of your life at the university you choose. It is important to consider factors such as student life, extracurriculars, and support for international students at your university of choice. When considering engineering schools in Canada, remember to look at all aspects of the university aside from academics.

With some of the best universities in Canada for engineering, international students can receive a degree that is recognized around the world. Graduating from these top universities can offer stellar job prospects and exciting career opportunities.