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Calgary skyline against the Rocky Mountains and the headline Canadian Connections Summit

Arriving in Canada soon? Join the Canadian Connections Summit | Connecting People and Places to Drive Newcomer Success. With a rapidly changing labour market and housing market, you’ll hear from leading economists about key employment and housing factors that drive Canadian newcomer success.

With insight into both the job and housing markets, you can make important decisions that will affect your financial success in Canada. As well, you can connect directly with settlement agencies that provide free services to help newcomers adapt and thrive in Canada.  

We know it’s a big decision to move to a new country. So, it’s vital to research and gather the information that will help you make your move with confidence! This must-attend online summit features speakers who will inspire, motivate, and inform you! Learn more about the benefits you’ll gain when you join the two-day Canadian Connections Summit!

What Will I Learn at the Canadian Connections Summit?

Our guest speakers will provide valuable and insightful information about working, living, and settling in Canada.

Day 1 | An Overview of Canada’s Labour Market
Wednesday, June 14, 2023
  • The Canadian job market, industry trends, & job growth
  • Free services to help you prepare to work in the Canadian job market
  • How to prepare to work in your occupation in Canada.
Day 2 | Evaluating Landing City Options
Wednesday, June 22, 2023
  • The Canadian housing market in cities across Canada
  • How to take advantage of pre-arrival settlement services that help newcomers succeed
  • How to find rental housing, homebuying information, and much more!

Tip: Find out what information each expert will discuss. That way you can decide in advance which exhibitors you would like to visit.

How Can I Connect with Canadian Newcomer Service Providers at the Summit?

Our two-day Canadian Connections Summit is a virtual summit that allows you to connect with service providers to ask your important questions! Not only is this really convenient, but it can save you valuable time and money! Attending the Canadian Connections Summit allows you to chat live with leading employment, housing, and settlement experts who can:

  • Direct and guide you to free services geared to helping you find jobs that match your background, skills, and experience
  • Provide a helpful overview of cities in Canada to help you research what they offer to newcomers and evaluate which cities best meet your needs
  • Share information about your housing options, including rental and homebuying options.

Tip: Maximize your time and prepare your questions in advance.

We know you have important questions about your exciting journey to Canada! And, the Canadian Connections Summit is a great chance to get the information you’re searching for. Prospective newcomers to Canada often want to know:

  • What are the job prospects for my specific occupations in a city or province?
  • How can I prepare to work in my profession or trade?
  • What organizations can help me to settle in Canada and what support do they provide for newcomers?
  • What’s the best way to begin searching for housing before I arrive in Canada?

You’ll discover the huge benefits of connecting with service providers who can help you settle quickly and easily. A 2021 report revealed that 70% of newcomers are unaware of the free services that are available. However, among newcomers who received services, 95% said they were useful. Why not benefit from the advantages?! Learn more about our settlement services exhibitors here.

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How Can I Access Free Canadian Newcomer Resources and Information?

When you visit with exhibitors, they can answer your questions and suggest the free programs, resources, and services that would best meet your specific needs. Enjoy the convenience and attend the online summit from anywhere in the world. All of our exhibitors have experience helping newcomers access services that are vital to your success in Canada!

 Tip: Our exhibitors have a wealth of information that is free of cost to you! So visit as many exhibitors as you can (or all of them) on day one and two.

Virtual booth that people can visit at the Canadian Connections Summit for newcomers to Canada.
Visit our virtual booths to speak to settlement and employment experts from cities across Canada!

4. Gather Information About Free Government Programs Before You Arrive

If you’ve been approved for Permanent Residence in Canada, there are many free services that you may be able to take before and after you arrive. And, when you attend the summit, you’ll learn about settlement services that you can take advantage of. Imagine how simple that is for you and your family!

Register today for the summit! It’s practical, free, and will lay the foundation for your Canadian newcomer success!