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This Canadian city, Toronto, Ontario is Canada's largest city. Offices towers located in the downtown core surrounding Nathan Phillips Square.

Many Canadian cities are growing in population, partly due to immigration driving growth. So, if you’re one of the many people ready to call Canada your new home, join our Canadian Connections Summit, in February 2024. During this virtual summit, you can connect with housing, employment, and settlement experts from various cities who can answer your questions. Our guest experts have direct experience helping newcomers achieve success in Canada.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world by area. So you can expect cultural, regional, physical, and economic differences across the country. And because of this, choosing a Canadian city can be an overwhelming decision. As Canada is ready to welcome 485,000 new immigrants in 2024, we want to help you discover Canadian cities to settle!


Canadian Cities on the West Coast

The West Coast region is located between the Coast Mountains to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west. British Columbia is known for its majestic mountains and it is Canada’s Pacific gateway.

Surrey, British Columbia

As part of the Metro Vancouver Area, Surrey, British Columbia is a great city for families and newcomers.


Surrey, British Columbia is a growing city that offers a great community for families and an ideal location for newcomers. It has a population of 568,322 and continues to grow. Surrey is part of the Metro Vancouver Area and is only 23 km from Vancouver.

Leading industries in Surrey include health technology, clean technology, advanced manufacturing, agri-innovation, and film and television. Located in the heart of Metro Vancouver, Surrey is the number one Film and TV production centre in North America.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, British Columbia is a Canadian city located on the west coast. Skyline of Vancouver with the Lion's Gate Bridge and mountains in the background.

Surrounded by the sea and mountains, Vancouver is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. The city is abundant with urban nature and is home to Stanley Park, one of North America’s largest urban parks. Stanley Park offers an impressive 405-hectare natural setting with a coastal rainforest. In 2023, Vancouver ranked 5th on the Global Liveability Index.

Leading industries in Vancouver include technology, biotechnology, digital entertainment and interactive media, and film. Vancouver is also known as “Hollywood North” because of its growing film industry and great filming locations.

The Metro Vancouver Area (made up of 21 municipalities, including Surrey) has a population of 2,643,431. Vancouver is a rapidly developing city that offers a mild climate, cultural diversity, and many colleges and universities making it attractive to international students. Read more about living in Vancouver.


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Canadian Cities Located in the Prairie Provinces

The Prairie Provinces include the provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. These provinces are rich in energy resources and have some of the most fertile farmland in the world. Learn more about the Canadian cities in this important region of Canada.

Calgary, Alberta 

This Canadian City, Calgary, Alberta offers some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Picture of the Peace Bridge at night.
Peace Bridge in Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is a large Canadian city with a population of 1,581,000. It offers a diverse population and economy. With its affordable housing, low sales tax, and job opportunities, this city is worth exploring.

Leading industries in Calgary include energy and environment, high-tech manufacturing, financial services, life sciences, technology, construction, and transportation and logistics.

In 2023, Calgary was ranked 7th (tied with Geneva) on the Global Liveability Index. The city has the most extensive paved pathway and bikeway network in North America with more than 1,000 km of walking and cycling paths. Calgary is a paradise for those who love the outdoors. As host to the Calgary Winter Olympics in 1988, much of its infrastructure is still in place for activities from skiing, skating, tubing, snowshoeing, and ice biking.  

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Edmonton, Alberta

Scenic architecture on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada's capital city.
The Edmonton skyline and valley in the summer.

The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton is the second-largest city in the province with a population of close to 1.4 million. Because of the massive oil, gas, and oil sand reserves in Alberta, Edmonton is called the “oil capital of Canada”. Its growth, low taxes, jobs, and diverse population make Edmonton attractive to immigrants from around the world. Many newcomers choose to locate in Edmonton and account for 30% of residents.

Leading industries in Edmonton include oil and gas, energy, manufacturing, tourism, and technology. While it’s known for its oil and gas industry, it also has a growing tech sector and is home to many of Alberta’s top employers. Read more about Living in Edmonton, Alberta.

Regina, Saskatchewan

Regina is a mid-sized city in Canada with a population of 215,106. Located in Canada’s Prairie provinces, Regina is known as Canada’s sunniest capital city. It offers a strong economy and a low unemployment rate. Regina also stands out among cities in Canada with the greatest home affordability.

Leading industries include steel and metal fabrication, manufacturing, energy and environment, and agribusiness and agriculture. Read more about living in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saskatoon is a great multicultural city to live, work, study, and play in. Found on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, it’s known as the City of Bridges. It is the largest city in the province of Saskatchewan with a population of 266,141. Looking for a growing Canadian city that offers career opportunities across many industries? Visit the Saskatoon booth.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Winnipeg Beach is a popular tourist destination with a Provincial Park located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.
Winnipeg Beach is a popular tourist destination with a Provincial Park located on the shores of Lake Winnipeg.

The Canadian city of Winnipeg, Manitoba is known as the “gateway to the West” connecting Ontario to the Prairie Provinces. A mid-sized city with a population of 749,607, it offers big-city living at an affordable cost of living.

Canadian Cities in Central Canada

Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga is a large Canadian city with a population of 717,961. It neighbours the City of Toronto and is part of the Regional Municipality of Peel. It’s attractive to people from around the world because of its quality lifestyle, community programs, leisure programs, and welcoming atmosphere.

Ottawa, Ontario

Scenic architecture along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada's capital city.
Scenic architecture along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city.

Ottawa, Ontario is the capital city of Canada and plays a vital role in Canadian history. Canada’s Parliament building towers over this picturesque city. It’s a proud multicultural city and reflects the rich cultures and traditions of both English and French Canada. With a population of 1,017,449, it is a large city by Canadian standards. Visit the Ottawa booth and chat with representatives from YMCA-YWCA of the National Capital Region, Newcomer Information Centre, and the Employment Access Centre.


The Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge region is a thriving place to live, work, study, and invest for immigrants from around the world. With a current population of 623,000, it is expected to reach 729,000 by 2031. The region includes the three cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge and four rural communities. Together they form part of Canada’s Technology Triangle, an economic development initiative to market the region internationally. Along with technology, the region’s local economy includes advanced manufacturing, insurance, and aerospace, among others.

London, Ontario

The City of London, located in southwestern Ontario has a population of 550,000 and serves as a regional hub for surrounding cities. London is home to Western University and Fanshaw College which makes it appealing to international students. It also has an extensive healthcare industry.

Sudbury, Ontario

With a population of 166,000, Sudbury is the largest city in Northern Ontario. The city serves as a regional hub for financial and business services, tourism, technology, education, and health care. It’s also home to Canada’s third-largest French population outside of Quebec. Greater Sudbury is one of only 11 communities across Canada participating in the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot program. This program offers a path to permanent residence for foreign workers who want to live and work in smaller communities.

Windsor, Ontario

This Canadian city is the 7th largest city in the province of Ontario with a population of  229,660. Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada and home to the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest commercial border crossing between Canada and the United States. Speak to employment and settlement representatives from Women’s Enterprise Skills Training Training of Windsor (WEST).

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