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How to immigrate to Canada

Canada leads the way globally as a preferred destination to immigrate to, so you may be wondering how to immigrate to Canada. Every year, hundreds of thousands of hopeful people apply to immigrate to Canada. At Prepare for Canada, we help you along your immigration journey by providing critical information related to:

  • Settling in Canada
  • Working in Canada
  • Banking in Canada.

So if you’re thinking about immigrating to Canada, here are two ways that you can apply.


1. Apply directly


The primary way for skilled immigrants to live permanently in Canada is through the Canadian Government’s Express Entry program. There are three immigration programs under Express Entry, and each has different requirements.

You can visit the Government of Canada site and answer a few questions to see if you’re eligible for Express Entry to Canada. It will take you about 10 – 15 minutes to complete the eligibility questions.

The form includes questions about your:

  • nationality
  • age
  • language ability
  • family members
  • education
  • work experience
  • details on any job offer


What happens after you complete the eligibility questions?


After you respond to the questions, you will:

  • Be advised if you meet the eligibility requirements to immigrate to Canada
  • Receive a personal reference code
  • Be provided with the next steps you need to follow.

When you have completed all of the steps, you will receive a confirmation that your profile is complete.

Every month the Canadian government determines how many Express Entry applicants will be admitted to Canada.


2. Apply with an Immigration Consultant


You can also hire an Immigration Consultant to help you apply to immigrate to Canada.

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Canada offers a wide array of immigration streams and programs that are available to individuals and families who are looking to visit or immigrate to Canada. Currently, there are more than 60 Canadian immigration programs available for individuals who are seeking to immigrate. Choosing a program that’s right for you can be the most challenging part of the immigration process, especially considering Canada’s immigration law is one of the fastest-changing laws.

At Bright Immigration, we take the time to get to know you and ensure that our clients understand all the options that are available. Before we take on your case, we ensure that you qualify for a program and that we are able to help you.

We offer our clients with quality legal care and the most affordable legal services. We have represented thousands of families, individuals, and businesses in their immigration-related matters. Our Canada immigration consultants will carefully review your assessment, determine your eligibility, and present you with options.



What to know if you hire someone to help you immigrate to Canada


The Government of Canada has important tips if you decide to hire a representative to help you with your immigration process:

To find a paid or unpaid representative:

  • Ask people you trust to recommend someone. Be sure to get advice from several people before you choose.
  • Ask questions. Be careful of someone who won’t answer your questions

If you’re hiring a paid representative:

  1. Find out if the representative is authorized .
  • This means they have a license to practice and give advice.
  • If you choose a paid representative who’s not authorized, the Canadian government may return your application or refuse it.
  • If you give a representative money or compensate them in any other way in exchange for their services, they’re considered paid and must be authorized.

2. Ask the representative about their training and experience.

3. Ask for references and find out how long they’ve been in business.

4. Discuss the services they provide and their fee.

5. Make sure to get a written contract and read it carefully before you sign it. Ensure that the contract lists all the services they will give you and that it clearly states the fee you discussed.

Also, if you use a representative who works in Canada, you can contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB can tell you if they have received complaints about a citizenship or immigration consultant, lawyer, or other representatives.


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Protect yourself from immigration fraud


  • Be careful of anything that sounds too good to be true. The Canadian government advises that using a paid representative will not draw special attention to your application or guarantee that they will approve it.
  • Beware of representatives who encourage you to give false information in your application. Providing false information is against the law, and you could be denied entry into Canada or deported after you arrive.
  • Don’t leave original documents or photos with your representative.
  • Don’t sign blank application forms.
  • Carefully read any forms or documents before you sign them. If you don’t understand them ask someone to translate.
  • Get copies of any documents your representative makes for you.
  • Get a signed receipt for any services that you pay the representative for.
  • Make sure your representative updates you often about your application.
  • Protect your money and remember that the Canadian government will:
    • never call you and ask you to deposit money into a personal bank account
    • never ask you to transfer money through a private money transfer company.
    • only ask for processing fees in Canadian dollars and the fees are the same around the world.

Learn more about how to protect yourself from fraud.

If you’re having problems with your representative, see:

How to file a complaint

How to report fraud


Source: Government of Canada


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