Get information that is essential for all newcomers to Canada

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One of the mistakes immigrants make is leaving for Canada without making the necessary preparations. Critical documents like post-secondary diplomas and degrees, birth certificates and immunization records often get left behind.

Another thing to remember is purchasing insurance to cover your belongings while you travel and travel health insurance in case of any medical emergencies after your arrival into Canada.

The websites listed below will help you with all your preparations:

A checklist you will need before you arrive in Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

What goods can you bring to Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Managing your finances (Financial Consumer Agency In Canada).

Can you bring jewellery or gifts? (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Healthcare and medical insurance in Canada (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

What education and work experience documents should you bring? (Working in Canada).

Choosing a moving company (Industry Canada).

Immigrant services in your area (Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

Importance of Language Skills for Working in Canada (Working in Canada).

What is my occupation called in Canada and how is it described? (Working in Canada).

What are the prospects and opportunities for my occupation in different parts of Canada? (Working in Canada).

Where could I live and work in Canada? (Working in Canada).

Is my occupation regulated or non-regulated? (Working in Canada).

How do I search for jobs in Canada? (Working in Canada).

Is my resume ready for Canadian employers? (Working in Canada).

How do I get (or apply for) a Social Insurance Number (SIN), a health insurance card and a driver’s licence? (Working in Canada).

What is the Canadian equivalency to my credentials? (Working in Canada).

How can I find part time or voluntary work? (Working in Canada).

Where can I upgrade my language skills? (Working in Canada).

Where can I get help in Canada? (Working in Canada).