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career success in Canada

Getting your first job is a great feeling, and ensuring your career success in Canada is critical. When you hear back from the hiring manager that you have landed the job, it’s time to celebrate. Enjoy this achievement, but also think about how you can ensure your success. As a newcomer to Canada, you will need to adapt to the working culture and make the best possible impression from day one.

To guarantee your short- and long-term career success in Canada, here are five essential steps to help you thrive in your new job.

1. Learn about the company culture

The culture of the organization is often conveyed by their values, and how people interact with each other. When you have a strong cultural fit within the team and the organization, you’ll more than likely achieve success.

Learn about the company’s values and how they expect you to behave. This will help you to demonstrate the behaviours that are important to the team, and the organization. For example, the company may place high value on things such as:

  • delivering exceptional customer service
  • working as a team to achieve results
  • building relationships with internal and external customers to create trust
  • being accountable for results.

When you know the values that are important to the organization, it will be easier to adapt to the workplace culture. This is less challenging than it seems because you likely demonstrated values that align with the team and organization during your job interview.

2. Make a good first impression

Make a good first impression when you arrive on your first day. You likely observed how people dressed during the interview, so try to mirror this until you know more about the dress code.

Many organizations will hold a new employee orientation where they will outline details such as the dress code, and hours of operation. But until you know the dress code, pay attention to your appearance and attire. Also, pay attention to time management and avoid showing up late to work or to meetings.

Every company will have its own cultural differences. So, it’s important to get a clear idea of what is expected within the workplace so that you can meet expectations.


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3. Get to know your manager

Some managers are good communicators that will clearly explain what they expect from you. Others will require you to be a little more independent and figure things out on your own. Regardless of your manager’s style, it’s helpful if you understand what’s important to them and what they need and expect from you.  Anticipating their needs before they ask will cement you as a trusted employee.

You can build a strong relationship with your manager through open communication. You can also talk to your team members to learn more about what your manager may expect from you. Use your colleagues as a valuable resource to help you build an effective relationship with your manager.



4. Communicate effectively

Effective communication within the workplace is critical to ensure your career success in Canada. And, how people communicate in the Canadian workplace may be different that what you are used to. For example, it will be important for you to:

  • express ideas clearly and concisely
  • share information with others to achieve results and outcomes
  • convey a compelling message
  • build connections with others

Many cultures from around the world will have a much more direct style of communication than found in many businesses in North America. For example, Canadians may soften requests or reprimands. So, you may have to modify your communication style when necessary.

To better understand your communication strengths, you can complete our free Drake P3 Assessment. You’ll receive a report that will reveal helpful information about your:

  • communication style
  • leadership style
  • and, motivation needs.


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5. Learn what professional behaviour means in Canada

Observe how the people above you dress and act in your company, and model yourself after them. Canadians are very time oriented, so be sure to arrive a few minutes early for meetings or appointments.  When you present yourself in the best possible manner, it will go a long way to ensuring your career success in Canada.You demonstrate professional behaviour when you pay attention to factors such as your:

  • interpersonal skills and awareness
  • communication skills
  • leadership skills
  • and, business knowledge and skills.

Key takeaway

The best thing you can do for you career is to be outstanding in your current role. Because your high performance will get noticed and open doors for you whether you want to:

  • stay in the role that you are in
  • explore moving to a different role at the same level
  • or, have a desire to move up.

When you’re recognized as a high performer in your current role, it will make it easier to secure the support you need to pursue your goals and achieve career success in Canada.