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Canadian Job

Finding a job in Canada is not easy and it will take some time and effort before you find the Canadian job that you deserve. The best news is that you don’t have to go it alone. By taking advantage of the services offered by Next Stop Canada, you will be able to approach your job search with much more confidence. Here are 5 tips to help ensure that you achieve your potential in Canada.

1. Seek advice from professionals

As soon as possible after you arrive in Canada, you should get in touch with Next Stop Canada so that they can help you with everything from your resume, cover letter, finding a place to live, and much more. Settlement agencies can help you in your first few weeks in Canada. Their services can be a big help when it comes to your long-term success in Canada.


2. Keep all your immigration documents

You need to hang onto all of your immigration and travel documents. It is very important that you do not destroy them upon arrival in Canada. You will continue to need them as you apply for work in Canada, open a bank account, and many other things that you need to do in the first few weeks and months that you’re in Canada.

3. Prepare a Canadian style resume

Canadian employers will probably require a different resume format than the one that you’re used to providing in your country of origin.


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4. Sign up for English classes

Strong English language skills will help you find employment. Settlement Agencies such as Next Stop Canada and Online Settlement Pre-Arrival Services (SOPA) can provide you with help to enhance your language skills. And you can take English language classes for free. The language barrier is something that holds many newcomers back from reaching their full potential in Canada. Check out our upcoming webinars to learn more about how settlement agencies can help you.


5. Volunteering can help you to get a job in Canada

It might be counter-intuitive to think that volunteering can help you to find a paying job in Canada, but it really is a very effective way to gain Canadian work experience. As you look for a job in Canada you should be keeping an eye out for volunteer opportunities within your field or industry. This is a good way to build a network and show that you can perform well.