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Soon you will be in Canada and now is a good time to prepare for the Canadian labour market and work on having your credentials evaluated. It’s important to start this process before you move, as preparing the papers needed, having them translated and even, in some cases, starting the pre-arrival credential application will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Know Before You Go! Credentialing

• The first step you need to do is to research and understand your profession or industry. Is it a licenced or unlicensed profession in Canada?

• If you’re a doctor, engineer, teacher, accountant, nurse or pharmacist, you practice a licenced profession and will need to get relicensed in Canada. This means you have to pass some tests, maybe take some further training as well.

• Research and contact the licencing board of your profession in the province you wish to settle. Why? Because each province has its own board. They will give you details on having your credentials evaluated and the steps needed to get relicensed in Canada.

• Learn as much as you can before leaving and don’t forget that in some case, it might take you years before you practice your profession again.

• You don’t need to go through the hassle of relicensing, if you’re a business manager, human resources manager or a semi-skilled worker; your profession is an unlicensed one. Having said that, it does not mean that you will not face any challenges. Therefore, you may consider having your credentials evaluated by a professional service.

• Another option is planning to go back to school when in Canada, or even taking some courses online while waiting for your visa.

• Because many jobs don’t get advertised, you need to network and make professional connections when in Canada, to know about these jobs.

• Research and find out the professional association linked to your industry here. Contact them and start building your Canadian network while still in your country of origin.

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