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How to find work in Toronto before and after you arrive

Moving to Toronto or arrived here as an immigrant?  You are probably in the process of looking for work in Toronto as we speak.  If you already have a job maybe you’re looking to upgrade to a better job or just hoping to hone your skills so that you have the best possible chance of promotion.  Whatever stage you are at you will need a plan in place to ensure that you are as successful as possible in Canada.

Why Toronto

Toronto is extremely diverse with over 100 different languages and dialects are spoken in the city. For this reason, the City of Toronto includes a large number of ethnic areas. The wonderful cultural mosaics that reside in Toronto are an ethnic delight and attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city for the diversity of cultural attractions, art, shopping, and cuisine. With such a large number of immigrants in the city of Toronto and the surrounding areas, there is a wonderful sense of community and there are many culturally specific festivals to enjoy. It really is a fantastic and welcoming place to live as an immigrant in Canada.

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Where to start

Planning a job hunt begins with research and your resume.  If you want to make sure that you are off to the best possible start then you should check out Prepare for Canada’s Resume templates.

Why you need to prepare

You will have to adapt your job search and application methods for Canada as they will probably be looking for different things than the hiring managers in your home country.  There is a lot to cover about resume style and how to write a cover letter.  Luckily, the online fairs are a great resource for information that can really help you to do your job hunt in Canada the right way.  By attending the online fair you will even be able to speak directly with settlement experts that will be able to direct you to the right resources to ensure your success in Canada.