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IT Jobs in Vancouver

If you are interested in a career in the tech or IT industry, you probably heard that Vancouver is the place to be to pursue a career in these fields. Vancouver is one of the biggest tech centres in Canada. In addition to that, this beautiful city is home to quite a few innovative companies in telecommunications, computer gaming, and software development industries. These companies are constantly on the lookout for talent to fill such positions as web developers, graphic designers, software engineers, front-end developers, and many others. You will probably discover plenty of IT career opportunities in Vancouver.

Why choose IT?

IT careers are listed very close to the top of the best careers in British Columbia. In fact, computer and information systems managers earn a median hourly range of $43.27 and job opportunities can be found in both private and public sectors. Of course, it typically takes a couple of years to reach the managerial level, but you have to start somewhere and the IT job market in Vancouver is very good right now. If this is the career you wish to pursue, it typically requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science and/or business administration. Years of experience are also a bonus.

Other than an attractive pay cheque, another reason for choosing a career in IT is the fact that the expected growth for this job category clocks in at 2.1 per cent annually, with over 4000 openings expected before 2025.

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Best IT companies to work for in Vancouver

As we already mentioned, Vancouver is home to many IT companies that also have a great reputation. These companies are known for providing outstanding employee experience, offering great work-life balance and very attractive pay package and benefits. Among the most recognized companies in the tech sector in Vancouver are Microsoft and SAP, both named Best Places to Work in 2018 (4th and 1st place respectively) as well as Amazon.

Award-winning SAP offers an amazing, fun-filled company culture, flexible hours, mentorship programs, tuition reimbursement as well as healthy exercise initiatives. All this makes it attractive to potential job seekers just like you. 

Another award-winning employer, looking for IT professionals in the Vancouver area is Microsoft. On top of being a part of a large, well-respected company, employees are offered flexible work schedules, generous vacations, health programs, continuing education support and discounts on products and services. In addition, the company helps employees find a good match with volunteering opportunities.

Of course, we cannot avoid mentioning Amazon, with over a hundred job openings in Vancouver. Even though considered challenging, this workplace is known for its focus on diversity and development of its employees. Amazon provides great learning opportunities, plenty of time off, great health care benefits, saving plans and employee stock as well as relocation assistance.

When looking for a job in IT or tech field, always research not only the companies that you want to work for but also check out their competitors. In this industry, it might be worth looking up Apple, eBay, and Google to name but a few.