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As you have been conducting your research on moving to Canada, you will have no doubt heard of mentoring as a way to find meaningful work. The hard part is finding a mentor that can help you to reach your professional goals in Canada. For immigrants like you, there is a great solution to this problem provided by the Calgary Regional Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC). Their Mentorship Program for newcomers will match you with a mentor with the experience and connections you need to succeed.
Mentorship is defined as “guidance provided by a mentor, especially an experienced person in a company or educational institution”. What does this mean in today’s workplace? We’ve put together 5 reasons why mentorship is important.


Top 5 Reasons Mentoring Matters


1. Mentees do better at their jobs

When you have a mentor, you are able to have questions answered quickly and easily, making any learning curve at a new job much more manageable. A good mentor will also take a special interest in any difficulties that you are having and will be able to help you overcome any obstacles in your way as you work hard at your job.

Learn More about The Calgary Regional Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) and how their mentorship program can help you!

2. You’ll learn new skills

You will be able to tap into the many years of experience that you mentor has and benefit greatly from it. You will also be able to learn quickly the ins and outs of the organization that you are employed by, a process that can usually take months! Your mentor will also teach you any of the skills that are needed for the job so that you can continue to impress your boss and establish a good working relationship with the company.


3. It encourages a better working environment

It has been proven time and time again that mentoring can lead to increased job satisfaction for both the mentor and the mentee. It fosters a network of both social and professional support within the company and can reduce stress levels for employees. Knowing that you have someone that will listen to your ideas and provide support when you need it most can allow you to feel extremely valuable.


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4. Long-term gains

As you have established a good reputation with the company through the aid of your mentor, and you have also benefited from their experience, you can look forward to a bright future in your career. After all the time and effort that a mentor spends with you, they do not want to start over again with someone new. What’s more, is that you won’t want to leave your current job as you will have put down strong roots with the company.


Mentorship Basics – what you need to know…

Compatability: the success of any mentoring partnership relies heavily on how well-matched the mentor and mentee are. They need to be able to converse easily and have a genuine interest in helping each other. The partnership doesn’t need to be too formal.
Not a One-Way Street: a mentoring partnership should flow both ways. Mentees should have the expectation that they are contributing to the relationship in a meaningful way too – not just expecting to receive professional advice without giving back.
Clear Expectations: having realistic expectations and objectives helps guide the mentoring partnership in the right direction. A mentor is not there to push the mentee forward for promotion, but to help them grow on their career path. Mentorship involves more than just devoting a set time period, it requires buy-in from both sides.
Relationship Goals: Defining the goals of mentoring is the key to a successful partnership. Each partner should be accountable for success. Setting goals early-on in the process can help the duo work towards achieving something concrete together. This doesn’t have to be overly ambitious or formal, but something as simple as “I’d like to learn more about giving great presentations” or “I’d like to share my knowledge of how to navigate regulations to make your job easier”.


Learn More about The Calgary Regional Immigrant Employment Council (CRIEC) and how their mentorship program can help you!