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Accountants and financial auditors are regulated professions in all Canadian Provinces and Territories. Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) is the new Canadian business and accounting designation.

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Before you immigrate

There are steps that you can take before you immigrate to improve your chances of practicing your profession in Canada:

  • To get licensed to practice your profession in Canada, you have to successfully complete a professional training program in the province or territory where you will live and work. When you decide on your destination in Canada, contact the appropriate regulatory body and enquire about the licensing process for accountants, the documents required, the tests you have to take, deadlines and fees, etc.
  • Gather and organize your official education, work and identity documents while still in your home country. Check with your provincial or territorial regulatory body about other documents you need to bring and verify if the documents need to be translated. You may need to use a professional translation service in Canada.
  • If you plan to offer public accounting services, such as auditing the financial statements of corporations, note that each province and territory has different requirements for licensure. Enquire about this when contacting the regulatory body in the province you plan to settle.
  • Use this waiting period to improve your language skills in English and/or French, and enroll in language classes while you are in your home country.

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