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Success Story Immigrant Engineer Canada

Coming to Canada as an immigrant with years of international experience as an engineer is a great position to be in. In Ontario, the skilled trades are categorized into four main sectors: Construction, Industrial, Motive Power, and Service. As someone coming to Canada, learning everything about the industry you intend to enter is essential to a prosperous future in Canada.

Your research should answer these three questions:

  • Do I need a certification to work in my trade?
  • How can I get started on the certification process?
  • What Training Standards are applied to my trade?


Information like this can be accessed through the Build On program. Paul, an engineer and recent immigrant to Canada, has already benefited greatly from the Build On program:

Paul was a commission engineer in China and worked with a multinational power generation equipment provider. A couple of months ago, he met his Employment Consultant from Build On. After receiving career advice and appropriate resources and tools, he chose the Instrumentation and Control Technician trade as an alternative career and prepared documents to apply for the Trade Equivalency Assessment with his Consultant’s support.
Paul arrived in Canada in July 2017 and secured a job as Test Technician in only a few months after landing!

“I felt that I was not alone there is a team to support me and try to help me in the right direction in my field. Build On showed me the correct path for getting the job.” – Paul

Learn More about Build On

Build ON is a pre-arrival program funded by Immigrant, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, offering free information and orientation services to prospective immigrants preparing for work in Ontario. We offer specialized information on the skilled trades. Whether our program participants have a background in the skilled trades, or are professionals with interest in exploring an alternative career, Build ON is there to ease their integration into the Canadian workplace!


Watch the Video below to learn more about the Build On Program




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Am I eligible?


The program is made available to individuals who have received approval to immigrate to Canada, and are still located outside of the country. Upon registration, eligible clients gain access to an online User Dashboard, one-on-one consultation with our Build ON Employment Consultants, and virtual connections with a mentor in their field of interest. Through these services, clients can expect to learn about Canadian Workplace Culture, Job Search Strategies, Resume Writing tips, Labour Market information, Skilled Trades certification, and much more.



If you would like to know more about the Build On program for immigrants to Canada, you should definitely check out their website at the links below. The program has already helped many newcomers to Canada enter the skilled trade of their choice.

Visit the Build ON website today for more information:
Wish to register? Visit the Build ON website for registration: