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According to the 2013 municipal census, Calgary has a population of 1,149,552, a 2.6% increase over its 2012. It is a young city, with the median age being 36.0 years.

Calgary is the third-most ethnically diverse city in all of Canada; according to the 2011 National Household Survey findings, it has one of the highest visible minority rates in Canada, behind only Toronto and Vancouver.

Most Calgary residents are of European origin. In 2011, this group accounted for 64.5 per cent of the city’s population. Calgarians whose ancestors hailed from England, Scotland, Germany, Ireland and France make up a large percentage of the population. That being said, the city is host to a broad range of other ethnic minority groups.

5.6 per cent of Calgary’s total labour force is visible minorities with Chinese, South Asian, Filipino and Arab/West Asian being the largest individual ethnic groups (2006).

26.2 percent of Calgarians identify themselves as immigrants, and 28.1 per cent are included in a visible minority group. (2011)