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Delta comprises three neighbourhoods which are very different from each other: North Delta, Ladner and Tsawwasen.

North Delta is the largest residential area and home to more than a half of the municipality’s population. Affordable housing attracts many immigrants and Canadians, who choose to live in this neighbourhood and commute daily to work in other locations. The average price for a detached house is $525,200, for a townhouse is $295,200 and for an apartment is $171,200.

Ladner together with Tsawwasen are called South Delta. Ladner is a historic fishing village.  Many of the building reflect an earlier era. Ladner’s real estate market consists of ranch-style houses, duplexes, waterfront townhouses, riverfront condos and floating homes. The average price for a house is $686, 384, for a townhouse is $477,668 and for an apartment is $344,493. Tsawwasen is a rich neighbourhood with single-family dwellings, low-rise townhouses and apartments and luxury waterfront homes. On the southeast corner of the peninsular is Boundary Bay also known as Boundary Beach. The Tsawwasen Ferry Terminal links the mainland to Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands. Tsawwasen also provides the only road access to Point Roberts, Washington. The average price for a detached house in Tsawwasen is $724,000 for a townhouse is $457,000 and for an apartment is $333,000.

Renting or Buying a home

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  • Basic Landlord/Tenant rights and responsibilities
  • Renting without a credit history


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